Finland's Duodecim Publishes New Guidelines for ME

EMEA Finland members (Suomen lääketieteellinen ME/CFS-yhdistys ry) and Suomen ME/CFS-yhdistys ry have been involved in recent ME guidelines development that has been conducted by the Finnish agency Duodecim.

The guidelines have just been published - the link is here.

These guidelines promise to be a pragmatic and useful set of guidelines.

Last year five members of the European ME Alliance were invited to review the guidelines and participate in a review meeting with the Duodecim team.
These EMEA members submitted comments on the guidelines as part of this review process.
Many of the comments from EMEA were taken on board and have been integrated in the published guidelines.

EMEA members participating were EMEA Finland (Suomen lääketieteellinen ME/CFS-yhdistys ry) and Suomen ME/CFS-yhdistys ry, EMEA Sweden (RME), EMEA Denmark (ME Foreningen) and EMEA UK (Invest in ME Research).

As part of the publicity around the guidelines a set of remote lectures has been organised by Duodecim at the Northern Finland Medical Days on February 24-25, 2021.
On Wednesday, February 24 2021 at 9-12, the Duodecim Symposium: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME / CFS) will take place - see this link From EMEA Finland (Suomen lääketieteellinen ME/CFS-yhdistys ry) Samuli Tani will give a lecture

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Last Update: February 2021